About us

The Mark Apartment Hotel was designed with you in mind. Named after Mark Cuban himself, our hotels biggest investor, our apartments are roomy and are intended to feel like an indulgence in every way. Centered in downtown London, you are just a jaunt away from highly regarded restaurants, the main attractions, and an exciting night life. Our spectacular location is truly what makes this hotel perfect for business professionals who are both looking to work and play in the city. We are happy to offer information and advice about all local attractions.

Our goal with building an apartment hotel was to make long-term trips feel more like exciting getaways. Hotels often feel sterile and unwelcoming, making you long for the comforts of home after a short time. Apartments can be unpredictable in terms of quality and don’t offer the amount of amenities needed to make your stay unburdened. Thus, our idea was to combine the best of both worlds and The Mark Apartment Hotel was born.

Here, we have built your living space to be a blend of contemporary finishes and cozy touches, making it a modern place to live without it feeling cold or impersonal. We want you to come home to relax in your private, one-of-a-kind space, or use our well-lit rooms to get work done from the comfort of home. Our staff is here to make your time with us as simple as possible, and we offer a variety of accommodations, such as laundry and housekeeping services, to keep your apartment feeling clean and organized.

We love living in London, and we want you to enjoy your time here in the city as much as we do.

Our apartments are centrally located, near Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, and the London Eye. We highly encourage taking in the views near the Thames, or taking a cruise down the river on the Clipper. If you’re looking to delve into the world of art and science, visiting the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery, and the University of London are right up your alley and  a true cultural experience.

If sports are more your taste, we are a quick ride away from the many football teams, such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Cricket is also another huge draw to the area and can be a fun sport to experience for first-time watchers. The Stoop Stadium and Allianz Park are also nearby for your rugby viewing pleasure.

Be a tourist for the day and take a guided tour of the Harry Potter film set. Check out the Tower of London and learn about it’s bloody, royal history. See if you can peek at the Queen at Buckingham Place, or take pictures next to the iconic guards. Nearby are tons of restaurants and breweries, awaiting your discovery. Whatever attractions or events your are interested in, they are only a short walk or ride away from your new apartment in Downtown London.